Healthcare Collections

The foundation of DFS is in servicing bad debt healthcare accounts. Medical collections require a different approach to customer service and an understanding of the human element when dealing with a patient who has a medical necessity. DFS’ approach is to attempt to solve all the issues the first time we work an account.

DFS supports the philosophies of the Patient Friendly Billing Practices developed by the Healthcare Financial Management Association. These philosophies have been implemented into our collector training program. The goal of this program is to put our representatives into the role of moderator. This permits our representatives to assume control of the conversation without causing undo stress to the patient or guarantor.

The philosophy is based on the two principles that:

  • DFS must do everything ethically and morally possible to collect the debts placed for collection.
  • DFS must protect the image and reputation of its clients.

In accordance with these principles we act as mediators between our clients and their customers, exacting justice for all. This hybrid philosophy allows DFS to easily…

  • Work with the debtor in a cordial and professional manner.
  • Express to the debtor that this bill is owed and to ask that they act responsibly and pay the bill.

DFS collectors are trained that whenever two parties are faced with a problem, mediation must come into play ~ listen to the patient, overcome objections and deliver results. Relationships between patients and providers require a certain amount of understanding and negotiation. Each side must be willing to work with and comprehend the other’s needs in order to reach a conclusion that satisfies both sides. That is exactly what the management of DFS believes it can do for you – satisfy the parties involved and resolve the delinquent account.

DFS knows how to increase recovery rates while simultaneously protecting the image of Our Clients.

DFS has implemented a Charity Care referral program for non-profit healthcare providers. The program is a value added service we offer to all of our non-profit clients. It operates as a back-end net for discovering patients that would have qualified for Charity Care but there was limited information provided to the hospital at the Date of Service or they were simply unable to be contacted. Clients taking advantage of this service will have an easier time fulfilling their Charity Care Missions. Furthermore, you will find your Charity Care Program has become much more efficient in providing care to those who need it.

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