Utility Collections

In this era of constantly improving technology, competition to meet the needs of customers and potential customers is increasing at an unprecedented rate. New market opportunities and increased competition require companies to identify ways to streamline internal processes, reduce customer churn, cut costs, and focus on service.

DFS specializes in the unique needs of the utility industry. DFS’ experienced team of specialists designs, implements, and manages customized contact center solutions for our clients.

Our goal is to quickly bring the account to resolution so we can focus clearly on the next account. Since usually the debtor is a potential return customer, it becomes DFS’ responsibility to represent our clients in a professional, courteous and ethical manner.

Our customer care oriented, call center extension solutions, are focused on:

  • Customer Reactivation – DFS always strives to have customer reactivate service with the company we are representing.
  • Pre-Charge Off Churn Reduction – DFS offers pre-collection programs dedicated to contacting customers prior to charge off and motivating them to pay before their service is disconnected. DFS can perform this type of service as a third-party or seamlessly under the name of our client.
  • Fraud Tracking – Fraud is one of the most destructive factors facing the utility industry. DFS can identify and track fraudulent activities and report on these findings.
  • Customer Retention Plans – DFS can design customized programs to specifically target premier customers and make special contacts in an effort to retain them as customers.

DFS has the resources to provide clients with outsourcing services that cover all stages of the customer lifecycle—acquisition, growth, care, and resolution. Our industry experience, financial stability, leading edge technology and sound infrastructure enable us to provide the most complete customer contact solutions to our telecommunications clients.

For more information regarding utility collections please contact our sales department at 877.348.1146 ext. 210 or sales@deliveryfinancial.com.

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