Delivery Financial Services, LLC (DFS) is a nationwide medical account receivable management company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. DFS succeeds in collecting more dollars than its competitors based largely on its customer service approach to responsible parties in all of its communications. The never ending pursuit of achieving the highest level of recovery performance for our clients is the focus of our efforts.

Committing resources and combining that with a talented staff of professionals with experience in all aspects of medical debt collection is a critical component to our mission.

DFS has developed a reputation for generating high returns with minimal complaints, thereby maximizing recoveries while ensuring that the reputation of our client is protected. DFS believes strongly in its motto of “mediation, not confrontation” and it is reflected in our professional manner, tone on the telephone and ability to get issues resolved.

Medical collections require that we utilize a customer service first approach and adjust to the human element when dealing with a patient that has a medical necessity. Because the patient is a potential return customer, it becomes DFS’ responsibility to represent our clients in a professional, courteous and ethical manner.

Our business philosophy is based upon our fundamental belief that quality service comes from being sensitive to our healthcare clients’ needs. This means going well beyond the obvious needs of collecting past-due receivables. It means understanding the need for taking a sensitive approach to public relations, to maintain a positive and constructive approach to collections, to demonstrate a “helping hand” attitude when it is called for, and to always maintain a professional attitude while collecting delinquent accounts.

As our competition has recently begun to expand their operations overseas because of inexpensive labor it became necessary for DFS to differentiate itself from its competition while managing to maintain its offices in the United States. For this reason, DFS committed the resources to provide unlimited real-time access to our clients’ accounts via a secured internet web portal. Our clients have unlimited access to the daily work on our clients’ accounts. This type of openness is a refreshing change for the clients we work with and has allowed DFS to expand its operations greatly.

DFS is a proud member of the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) and the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management (AAHAM). DFS is also a member of the American Collector’s Association (ACA) and the ACA Healthcare Services Program.

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