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What happens when you place an account for collection?

Communications from a collection agency convey immediate urgency to the debtor. We begin collection proceedings immediately upon receipt by sending a letter advising the debtor that the account has been placed with DFS. By law, as a collection agency, we are required to inform the debtor of his/her rights and provide him/her with pertinent information regarding his/her past-due account. Therefore, in our initial communication we include:

  • The name of the creditor
  • The amount due
  • The fact the debtor has thirty (30) days from the date of the letter to dispute the claim or request verification of the debt.

Once an account is placed with DFS you cannot continue to add interest or any other fees. Cease sending out statements and any other collection efforts. If the debtor contacts you in any way, refer him/her back to DFS and let us know you have been contacted.

If the debtor pays you you must advise us immediately and we will invoice you for the commission. Reporting direct payments is required under the terms of our Collection Agreement. If you receive a call from a debtor, let us know and we will return the call.

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