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Mediation, Not Confrontation

DFS has the experience necessary to generate high recoveries while minimizing negative issues and the unique managerial experience to ensure that you are treated as a priority client by DFS.

DFS offers a full resolution account receivable program that manages the recovery of accounts from the initial placement through resolution, including:

Pre-Collection Services

Many of our clients place their accounts from day one of delinquency. DFS offers pre-collection programs dedicated to contacting customers prior to charge off and motivating them to pay. DFS can perform this type of service as a third-party or seamlessly under the name of our client. DFS sets up dedicated phone lines and a unique dunning series for all of our pre-collect clients. This service allows you to streamline their staff and not deal with the headaches of internal collection performance.

Full Skip Tracing Services

  • Electronic address correction/verification via the National Change of Address (NCOA) database.
  • Electronic acquiring of telephone numbers via Accurint
  • Electronic Credit Bureau information requests, including, basic Trace information, and full Credit Reports from all three major bureaus
  • Internet Search Tools for acquiring address, telephone and nearby information
  • Phone Disc address and telephone matches
  • National tax record searches
  • Manual credit reference contacts
  • Any other required skip tracing efforts

Standard Collection Services

DFS provides intense skip-tracing and telephone collections in compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Initiating and Responding to Correspondence

  • A four to five letter collection series
  • A two letter legal series
  • Reading and responding to all written communication from individuals.

All Litigation and Monitoring

All Asset Location for Execution of Judgments

DFS will perform any services required in an attempt to resolve an outstanding account. DFS uses all of the modern electronic collection tools while relying on the old fashioned ideas that hard work and fair treatment garner the best results. DFS is prepared to make every collection effort possible on behalf of our clients.

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Signing Paperwork

DFS has proven to be a partner, not just a collection vendor. DFS is responsive to our needs and the needs of our patients. The personnel are very knowledgeable and very willing to help. They welcome any feedback from us and are always looking at ways to make their processes better and more accessible to their clients.
~ Chris Asterino, CEO of RevMD

Chris Asterino

Chris Asterino